Surrogate Father [English]

Surrogate Father [English]

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Adult, Drama, Mature, Romance





Surrogate Father [English]

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Won-yeong’s feeling the pressure of family life. Newly unemployed and with a wife and three kids to support, the bills keep stacking up. What’s worse, he hasn’t gotten laid in over a year… Talk about stress! Nevertheless, as the sole breadwinner, he resolves to buck up his ideas and earn some cash however he can. When you’re handsome, bright and eager to please, work should just fall in your lap, right?! Luckily for Won-yeong, it isn’t long before an old acquaintance reappears and makes an offer he can’t refuse. Time to put that talent to good use… and relieve some of that pent-up “stress” as well! Find me with key tag: Surrogate Father [English] to update full results.